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Hassle Free Maintenance

Call Scottsdale Custom Pools today to schedule your pool maintenance services. You can schedule intermittent maintenance and cleaning appointments as you need them, like after party clean up and levels check. Our regularly scheduled maintenance service is also a worry free service, ensuring that your prized pool area remains party ready at all times!

You will find what Scottsdale Custom Pools offers in our comprehensive maintenance services to be just what you’re looking for.

Hassle Free Maintenance

Our full service maintenance plan includes:

  • Cleaning of your pool skimmer and pump basket equipment
  • A backwashing of your filters (including sand filters where present)
  • Verification of equipment function and potential leaks
  • Cleaning of your pool sweep bag and filter
  • Cleaning your wall screen and verification of the pool sweep process
  • Conducting a water test and TDS (total dissolving liquids)
  • Adding necessary chemicals where needed (we provide all necessary chemicals for you!)

Our VIP Cleaning and Maintenance Plan™ includes all of the above and:

  • Pool vacuuming
  • Brushing of all walls, steps and tile to remove grit
  • Netting of your pool

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So now you know! Allow us to work with you to fulfill your pool and spa dreams and desires. We combine experience, style and excellent customer care to be the best custom pool and spa builder in all of Arizona! Call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our designers to begin your new pool experience!

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