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Pool Renovation in Scottsdale, AZ

If you have recently purchased a home with a pool that doesn’t reflect your lifestyle or are ready to give your existing pool a fresh new custom design, Scottsdale Custom Pools will give your outdoor or indoor oasis a pool renovation that will make your neighbors jealous. We offer professional pool designs that fit every budget and every style. After all, you have enjoyed the benefits of owning your own pool with numerous swimming pool parties, fun in the sun, and romantic swimming for two after a candle light dinner. A professional pool renovation can only increase the leisurely and fun memories you have created and add value to your property. So, if you are looking for a totally new redesign, new water features, an upgrade on pool materials, save energy with energy efficient pool equipment or install automatic cleaners that make your life easier, Scottsdale Custom Pools is ready to help you with all of your pool design wants

Pool Renovation in Scottsdale

If the time has come for a pool make over, call Scottsdale Custom Pools for your next renovation! We can bring new life to your pool area. Pool renovations are one of the things we do best. By helping you realize the look and feel of your existing pool to the grandeur you envision, we can bring your swimming pool experience to new levels.

Maybe a color or theme change is in order? Imagine transforming your typical looking pool into a roman like bathhouse style retreat, complete with accent columns and a tile mosaic on the pool bottom.

Or what about turning your vanilla pool into an island paradise? A stylish waterfall combined with palm tree landscaping and some Pebble Tec © boulders can turn any backyard into a tropical getaway, just add Tiki torches. Add in a sloping, beach like entrance with a textured, sand like finish to really bring home the tropical feel!

Considering a refinish is also a great way to make-over an existing pool. Pebble Tec © finishes and their other products are excellent choices when it comes to materials for refinishing and accents around your pool, as well for the construction of natural looking waterfalls and other features.

A feature that can add an amazing look to any pool is Pebble Tec’s © Fire & Water accessories. These bold combinations of the elements of fire and water are a striking addition to any pool and add a new level of excitement to any night time pool activity! Powered by natural gas or propane, you can even roast marshmallows over them!

So when you’re ready to make your pool over into something adventurous, stylish or any combination thereof, give your renovation experts at Scottsdale Custom Pools a call! We love renovation work that turns the everyday into the truly impressive!

Scottsdale Custom Pools

So now you know! Allow us to work with you to fulfill your pool and spa dreams and desires. We combine experience, style and excellent customer care to be the best custom pool and spa builder in all of Arizona! Call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our designers to begin your new pool experience!

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