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Custom Spa Design

Hot, therapeutic water bubbling after a long day’s work (or play). Do those words take you somewhere special when you close your eyes? They can. They can take you to your own custom spa built by Scottsdale Custom Pools. After all you do and have done to get where you are now, you owe it to yourself to have a little personal slice of hot, bubbly heaven waiting for you at home. You do not have to wait any longer to experience the relaxation of soaking your stress away in a custom spa design. Scottsdale Custom Pools offer only the best in class spas and custom hot tubs in all of Scottsdale, Arizona. We offer many different options when it comes to spas.

Custom Spa Design

Spas not only offer a refreshing dip after a long day, they can in fact be something ordered by you are doctor for physical therapy or high blood pressure therapy. That is because the warm water and the therapy jets massage and stimulates circulation. This can minimize muscle soreness and lower blood pressure. Those reasons alone are reason enough to want to pick up the phone and call Scottsdale Custom Pools for your free no obligation consultation.

We understand that with any installation or design project, it can be a little overwhelming because of all the information about custom spas and spa manufacturers out there. That is why our custom spa design team is there with you every step of the way. What we try to determine is the feel of your entire spa area as you imagine it. If your spa is an integrated part of an existing build, these details are part of the entire custom design planning process. We also work with above ground spa systems and can build custom decking to your specifications. At Scottsdale Custom Pools, we have a vast array of spa finished that will fit the exact style of you home.

If your spa is being designed and built on its own, we will help to make your spa dreams come true. When looking through the many options available, it all begins with location. In addition to the spa itself the area surrounding it is also very important. If your spa theme is to disappear into a steamy island getaway, considering the landscaping and possible palm trees inclosing your personal paradise is a necessary part of the design. In the same way, the materials you choose make a style statement about your spa. Much can be said about the style of a custom spa by the materials chosen for its construction and accents.

For the spa tub itself a few options are before. You have the choice of typical, pool type material and or fiberglass. A very stylish and extremely durable option is metal. Stainless steel and copper are both excellent choices for your custom spa build, adding a level of class to your spa project. Obviously the size of the spa is to be considered, somewhere between two and as many eight occupants, as well as the number of corresponding jets and their placement.

For the accents, a wide variety of materials such as granite, stylized concrete and tile in a rainbow of colors and textures can add an artistic flair to your spa. Again, if your spa is part of your pool build, many of these options will be themed to match the rest of the whole project.

Spa Installation

Spa Installation

We want your spa, whether it is an above ground spa or an inground spa, to be something you and your family cherishes for years to come. With this in mind we take great care, making sure that all necessary permits and inspection are completed, to ensure that everything is done with precision. Once all components and systems have been assembled and your new spa is in place, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy!

Scottsdale Custom Pools

So now you know! Allow us to work with you to fulfill your pool and spa dreams and desires. We combine experience, style and excellent customer care to be the best custom pool and spa builder in all of Arizona! Call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our designers to begin your new pool experience!

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